"A job well done"

“I have always enjoyed using logs to heat our home with a log-burning stove, although we still used a gas boiler for the main heating for the house. When I found out about the Domestic Renewable Heating Incentive it made economic and practical sense to change to a log gasification boiler. Without any fuss Peter and his crew installed a Froling Log boiler when we were away on holiday. The boiler has kept us warm using surprisingly fewer logs than I expected.

Thank you Peter and Earlswood Services for a job well done and an easy application for the heat incentive payments.”

Andy Dukes


"Nice to know if I need help with anything Peter is at the end of the phone."

“In total I have bought 5 ETA boilers from Peter over the years I have known him. I often recommend him to other people without any hesitation. In fact I’m planning boiler number 6 at the moment and it will be Peter who supplies and installs it for me. It’s also nice to know if I need help with anything Peter is at the end of the

Kevin Wendt

Bishop Norton

"Open, honest and reliable."

“I have known Peter for many years and he has carried out all kinds of plumbing projects on my house and maintained the oil-fired boiler. When the oil-fired boiler reached the end of its life, last autumn, Peter advised me on the latest technology and most appropriate solution to my needs, installing a wood pellet boiler in the same location in the cellar. I can thoroughly recommend Peter and his colleagues to be open, honest and reliable.”

George Jewett

"Top of the range boiler"

“In 2012 I was getting quotes for biomass boilers and they seemed way over priced as far as I could judge. When I received a quote from Peter it was much cheaper than the others. My first thought was to assume that he was quoting for an inferior boiler, but this was not at all the case. In fact Peter has installed a top of the range boiler, which supplies heat to my own house and two other adjacent properties, and which has given no trouble since. It has become apparent that Peter assessed my needs accurately, understood the job inside out, and so was quoting an accurate and fair price. I would always look to Peter for biomass heating of any future developments.”

Stephen Tasker

Wheatley Wood Farm