What can I expect when
installing a biomass boiler?

Types of fuel

Types of Fuel

The first consideration is the type or combination of fuel types to be used. Options include…

Wood pellets

As these are relatively low in volume they take up the least storage space. Wood pellet systems offer the most convenient operation. They can be delivered in bags but if a bulk store is used, then fuel deliveries may only need to be arranged once or twice a year. Pellets are automatically loaded into the boiler, and the ash box requires infrequent emptying, from one to four times a year.


This is a good choice of fuel for customers whose heat demand is less than around 60kW, and especially for those who have their own source of logs. Systems are typically designed to require filling once a day.

Combined logs and wood pellets

Boilers are available which can automatically switch from burning logs to wood pellets, for example when a customer is not always around or not well enough to load logs.

Wood chips

This is the most economical fuel that can be automatically fed into a biomass boiler, and this is the fuel of choice for larger commercial scale projects or large residences.



We strive to complete work in a timely manner to fit your schedules as much as possible.

All staff are considerate and courteous and having worked in many industrial settings, we are able to work well alongside other tradesmen and employees. We have a tidy and thorough work ethic using only the best tools for the job.

Often the biomass boiler will be installed in a different location to an existing boiler. If this is the case, we can install the biomass boiler whilst leaving the existing boiler operational. The switch to the new system can then be achieved in a single day so you don’t experience any loss of heating.

Each of our customers receives careful guidance on the operation of their new system, and follow up is always available via telephone or an onsite visit.

Many of the biomass boilers we install can be connected to the Internet, allowing you to remotely monitor and adjust your system. In this way, you can also provide us with access to monitor and advise, which can decrease your maintenance costs and increase your peace of mind.



Every aspect of the design options and the alternative options for your heating system will be discussed with you.

Every aspect of the design options and the alternative options for your heating system will be discussed with you.

We are able to install different makes and sizes of boiler to suit specific needs and even integrate the system into your existing heat distribution as required. Our work ranges from 14kW to 8MW boilers, and we frequently install 200 – 500kW boilers. Multiple boilers can be supplied and district heating is undertaken.

The location of new boilers and fuel supplies can be suited to each circumstance and below ground pipework is planned and installed appropriately.

All installations are considered sympathetically and in keeping with the surrounding buildings. All of our work has been completed satisfactorily on listed buildings.



Biomass boilers require an annual service. We offer both fixed price contracts and pay as you go options for servicing.