Is biomass suitable for me?

Biomass offers many benefits over conventional forms of heating, but it's not suitable for every household – here are some of the factors you need to bear in mind before moving forward:

Biomass boilers are larger than oil and gas boilers and so require more space for installation; on top of that, space is needed to store fuel.

A dry area is necessary to store pellets or logs, somewhere that has access for deliveries, and is also suitable for feeding the boiler. Ideally the fuel storage area will be under cover, as it is important to keep fuel dry. High moisture content reduces the efficiency at which the fuel burns.

Pellets are usually available by the bag, and in some areas by bulk tanker. It is advisable to do a little research on available fuel supplies. A typical bulk silo may require filling once or twice a year for pellets, and requires vehicular access.

How much does a biomass boiler cost?

Biomass boilers are much more robust and advanced than gas or oil boilers. This makes them more expensive to manufacture and install.

However projects we have completed have paid back the initial investment in four to six years following RHI payments, and fuel savings can still make a biomass installation economically viable for upwards of six years.

How much could I save with a biomass boiler?

This will depend on the fuel you use and the level of RHI payments. Often the cost of the boiler and installation is recovered in five years. The cost of fossil fuels will continue to rise and the instability of oil supplies will also have an effect. The cost of biomass fuels has remained fairly constant since 2005. As the demand has increased over the years so has the supply.

How much can I reduce my carbon output by?

A biomass boiler is one of the best ways to reduce your carbon output. The typical savings of a biomass boiler over an oil-fired boiler is 8000kg CO2 per year for the average house.

Will I need planning permission?

As Earlswood Services is HETAS registered, biomass boilers can usually be installed under the permitted development rights, which do not require planning permission. However if this is not the case, we can advise and help with any necessary planning requirements.

What if I live in a smokeless zone?

All MCS registered biomass boilers can be used in smokeless zones, and Earlswood services only supply MCS registered boilers.


Are biomass boilers safe?

All biomass boilers supplied by Earlswood Services Ltd have been awarded the Blue Angel award for the protection of people and the environment. They are high quality products with intrinsic safety measures. This together with our care in communicating operating systems, and ongoing service, provides a commitment to safety. 

What guarantee or warranty can I expect?

All the boilers we install come with a five-year guarantee.

The life expectancy of a properly maintained biomass boiler that we supply exceeds twenty-five years.